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We are committed to transparent pricing in our Programs practice. We will collaborate with your team to tailor our programs for the highest impact.

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6-Month Management Program for One Cohort of People Managers (4 to 20 individuals). 

In this six-month program designed to combine diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and practices with management fundamentals, people managers will learn how to better lead their teams, especially in achieving results, providing guidance, and supporting healthy team dynamics. This program is best suited for groups of 4 to 20 individuals and can be run in multiple cohorts.

Ethos will help organize, facilitate, and finalize your Equity Action Plan and DEIB Statement in partnership with your organization.

Ethos will support your team in developing a go-forward cultural strategy, defining unique cultural attributes to your organization, and identifying where culture is supercharging and hindering your organization.

DEIB committees, Employee Resource Groups (ERG), and affinity groups are often a cornerstone in an organization’s DEIB strategy. Ethos offers a structured program for refining these initiatives. This offering gives organizations the greatest value from the time, resources, and energy dedicated to establishing these employee-powered committees.

This 3-part training program is designed to fulfill sexual harassment prevention training needs for many organizations. In Part 1, we cover Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for all employees. In Part 2, we build on Part 1 and go deeper with Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for all managers and supervisors.

Finally, we complete the series with Sexual Harassment Bystander Training to give all employees the tools they need to combat sexual harassment in the workplace and actively contribute to a healthier, safer, and more productive workplace environment for everyone.

This six-month program combines Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging principles and practices with team dynamics fundamentals. Emerging leaders will learn how to better navigate their teams, especially in achieving results, providing and receiving guidance, and supporting healthy team dynamics.

This three-part program is designed for leaders of organizations interested in creating inclusive hiring processes and practices. Session #1 covers developing inclusive job descriptions and building and preparing the hiring team. Session #2 covers equitable screening and session #3 addresses biases in the hiring process.

In this three-part series, Ethos founder, CEO, and author of Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations That Last, Alida Miranda-Wolff, will guide your team through creating cultures of belonging in your organization and industry. Through experiential learning sessions, your team will learn practical processes and practices to achieve the highest aspiration of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Over the course of two healing sessions, we will address past harm, engage in a healing process, and commit to actions that support healing moving forward. We will create space for recovery and restoration using the Healing-Centered Engagement model. This strength-based approach advances a collective view of healing and re-centers culture as a central feature in well-being.

The Ethos Team will collaborate with your organization to identify your teams’ needs and create and deliver a tailored DEIB program that builds momentum and maximizes impact. 

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We provide online, in-person, and hybrid learning sessions and programs that help employees and leaders sharpen their skills in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

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Our CEO, Alida Miranda-Wolff is an award-winning speaker and published author on the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Invite her to speak at your organization, conference, summit, and more!

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