Inclusive Hiring Program

2 to 3 months

This three-part program is designed for leaders of organizations interested in creating inclusive hiring processes and practices. Session #1 covers developing inclusive job descriptions and building and preparing the hiring team. Session #2 covers equitable screening and session #3 addresses biases in the hiring process.

Session #1: Inclusive Job Briefing (90 Minutes)

Together, we will learn how to optimize job briefs to reach diverse audiences, including writing inclusive language, developing role roadmaps, and building hiring teams.

Session #2: Equitable Screening (90 Minutes)

In this session, we will break down how to score and measure candidates and develop screening processes that widen the funnel and support equity.

Session #3: Minimizing Interviewing Bias (2 Hours)

We will learn how to prepare for interviews, design interview questions, coordinate with fellow interviewers, and avoid the five most common kinds of interviewing bias

Participants will learn:

  • Why inclusive interviewing and diverse talent pipelines matter
  • What your company’s interviewing process is
  • What myths and traps to avoid in interviews
  • How to define the right roles
  • How to minimize bias in the interviewing process
  • Best practices for communicating during the interview process
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