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Ethos CEO Alida is a published author and award-winning speaker on the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (“DEIB”). Invite her to speak at your organization, conference, summit and more.

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Learn to create cultures of belonging within your organizations, board, and communities. The session will include the most impactful recommendations for fostering belonging according to the R2P2 (Recruiting, Retention, Promotion, and Protection) model, with a special focus on the unique needs of your industry.

What causes burnout? It’s the gap between expectations and experience, with a healthy dose of feeling overextended and exhausted. If that sounds like your team, you’re not alone: the demands of post-pandemic work environments are greater than ever.

Whether you worry about losing valued team members or treating your own feelings of stress and overwhelm, this dynamic session will provide hope for a better future through the magic of belonging.

Amidst the continued pay gap, the departure of two million women and people from marginalized genders from the workplace, and the "mommy" tax, it can be easy to lose sight of our own worth and purpose as women. Not only that, but the pressure to do work for the "love of others” at the expense of the "love of self” is rising as workplaces become more and more steeped in interpersonal relationships. Yet, we owe it to ourselves to consider our own sense of purpose.

In the 2020 U.S. Census, of the 25 million people who identified as “multiracial,” 17 million marked their identity as “Latino” and “two or more races.” Notably, in 2010, only 3 million Latiné people identified as multiracial. According to The Washington Post, “Latinos in particular often find the census confusing because there is no racial category for them.” Latinidad's complexity, intersectionality, and difficulties of categorization create unique challenges for workplace belonging because Latiné employees do not fit neatly into any one group.

In this introduction to gender identity, class, and technology, we will explore the concept of “invisible labor,” including how it shapes our perception of what work is and who deserves to get paid to do it.

We will learn how our cultural identities can serve as our greatest assets. Together, we will explore how we can build connections with people from various cultural backgrounds through universal trust and connection tools.

In this session, we focus on implementing skills and tools into leadership styles to be more inclusive. We will explore Alida Miranda-Wolff's proprietary Seven Habits of Highly Inclusive Managers and how leaders can apply them to foster belonging across their organizations.

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We inform vision, strategy, processes, and practices around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through various techniques and practices. We conduct research and assessments to identify the best paths forward for each of our clients. Our offerings focus on every part of the intersection between employee experience and belonging according to our DEIB-based model  R2P2: recruiting, retention, promotion, and protection.

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We provide online, in-person, and hybrid learning sessions and programs that help employees and leaders sharpen their skills in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

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