Latinidad and Belonging

In the 2020 U.S. Census, of the 25 million people who identified as “multiracial,” 17 million marked their identity as “Latino” and “two or more races.” Notably, in 2010, only 3 million Latiné people identified as multiracial. According to The Washington Post, “Latinos in particular often find the census confusing because there is no racial category for them.” Latinidad's complexity, intersectionality, and difficulties of categorization create unique challenges for workplace belonging because Latiné employees do not fit neatly into any one group.

In this interactive workshop, we will learn:

  • What Latinidad is and how it fits within the context of identity and intersectionality
  • What it takes to create belonging
  • How to support Latinidad and belonging

Are you ready to create a culture of belonging in your organization?

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