Level Up: How to Develop Your Best Professional Self

Amidst the continued pay gap, the departure of two million women and people from marginalized genders from the workplace, and the "mommy" tax, it can be easy to lose sight of our own worth and purpose as women. Not only that, but the pressure to do work for the "love of others” at the expense of the "love of self” is rising as workplaces become more and more steeped in interpersonal relationships. Yet, we owe it to ourselves to consider our own sense of purpose.

In this interactive workshop, we will learn:

  • How to center our value and define what meaning at work means for you
  • How to craft a purpose statement based on your own vision for your professional success
  • The way to position yourself so you will be able to get better buy-in and collaboration from those you work with
  • Ways to use storytelling to change perspectives and the minds of others

Are you ready to create a culture of belonging in your organization?

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