Cultivating a Culture of Belonging

Learn to create cultures of belonging within your organizations, board, and communities. The session will include the most impactful recommendations for fostering belonging according to the R2P2 (Recruiting, Retention, Promotion, and Protection) model, with a special focus on the unique needs of your industry.

In this interactive workshop, we will:

  • Address the current state of belonging in your industry
  • Demystify the relationship between bias, equity, and belonging, especially in social impact settings
  • Engage in a belonging self-assessment
  • Identify opportunities to create belonging initiatives
  • Learn methods for measuring the success of belonging programs

This session can be customized for any industry. Alida's special areas of expertise include Venture Capital, Philanthropy and Nonprofits, Higher Education, the Arts, Architecture, and Hospitality.

Are you ready to create a culture of belonging in your organization?

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