Custom DEIB Program Design

3 to 6 months

The Ethos Team will collaborate with your organization to identify your teams’ needs and create and deliver a tailored DEIB program that builds momentum and maximizes impact. 

In this option, the Ethos team will:

  • Meet with your team to identify your needs
  • Send a proposal of the program with a description of learning modalities and objectives
  • Allow for one round of feedback from your team
  • Integrate your feedback
  • Create the materials and present them to your team for feedback
  • Organize the logistics (scheduling, messaging, and tracking participants) 
  • Deliver the program

Your team will be able to benefit from our experience in creating tailored and powerful programs.

More About Our Existing Tailored Programs


Since 2019, we collaborated with our partner ITA/1871, to create a program for mid-career female and woman-identified technologists that helped them develop the tools for empowerment and advocacy they needed to elevate their careers.

Our program helps mid-career female and woman-identified individuals working in the Tech industry develop the tools for empowerment and advocacy to elevate their careers. The program includes workshops, forums, mentorship, and group coaching. 

Our participants find Ethos’s blend of learning, support, and discussion profoundly transformational for their careers. Additionally, cultivating community among participants, mentors, coaches, and facilitators leads to career-long bonds and networks of support.

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Since 2020, we have partnered with the Illinois Justice Project (ILJP) on a communication initiative to guide various criminal justice reform organizations using traditional and social media to promote their missions effectively and develop their reputation as thought leaders.

The program comprises four workshops, open office hours where participants can get direct coaching, and a social media assessment with tailored recommendations.  

Eight cohorts of participants and 41 organizations have gone through the program and have benefited greatly from it. For example, we calculated an average collective increase in social media followers of 4,200 per cohort.

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