Employee Resource Group Development Program

2–3 months

DEIB committees, Employee Resource Groups (ERG), and affinity groups are often a cornerstone in an organization’s DEIB strategy. Ethos offers a structured program for refining these initiatives. This offering gives organizations the greatest value from the time, resources, and energy dedicated to establishing these employee-powered committees.

Ethos will support developing and implementing your organization’s DEIB committee or at least one ERG or affinity group. The resulting DEIB Vision Statement, Principles, and Initiatives may be suitable for a DEIB portion of your website (for example, linked from the Careers page). 

In this option, Ethos will:

Define the committee’s purpose, objectives, roles, and responsibilities

  • Help the committee design applications and deploy them across the organization
  • Support the committee’s member selection process and communicate results across the organization
  • Collaborate with committee members and leadership to edit and publish a vision statement, guiding principles, core initiatives, and timelines
  • Help the committee present this information to the overall organization
  • Make recommendations for improvement in the future

Lead meeting design, facilitation, and follow-ups

  • Offer support throughout four committee meetings
  • Project manage the committee during its infancy

Assist in designing key initiatives for the committee

  • Provide examples from previous companies
  • Provide resources and tools for pursuing initiatives
  • Volunteer recommendations for the most high-impact initiatives and for keeping them within reach
  • Support initiatives that are tied to the group’s goals using the OKR framework
  • Help coalition-build and develop support with stakeholders outside of the committee
  • Support communication around the key initiatives
  • Check back in after the first round of initiative launches to chart progress
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