Healing Sessions

6 to 8 weeks

Over the course of two healing sessions, we will address past harm, engage in a healing process, and commit to actions that support healing moving forward. We will create space for recovery and restoration using the Healing-Centered Engagement model. This strength-based approach advances a collective view of healing and re-centers culture as a central feature in well-being. 

Healing sessions may focus on a specific issue or event that has taken place.

This engagement includes:

Pre-Session Interviews 

  • Interview up to 4 participants in 30-minute sessions to understand different goals and interests in the organization
  • Synthesize findings and incorporate them into session design
  • Share insights with immediate partners in pre-session meeting

Session One: Initiating Healing (2 Hours)

  • Determine our community agreements and commit to them
  • Reflect on our social identities in caucuses
  • Name and address harm we have experienced in caucuses
  • Propose strategies and practices for healing in a larger group

Mid-Point Check-In 

  • Meet with immediate partners to discuss the results of session one and the direction, design, and desires for session two

Session Two: Restorative Dialogue (2 Hours)

  • Reflect on key learnings from session one
  • Address key strategies and practices proposed in session two
  • Discuss key practices that have already been implemented for healing and assess the impact
  • Set the next actions for moving forward

Final Follow-Up 

  • Meet with immediate partners to discuss the next steps and guidance for moving forward
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