Sexual Harassment Prevention Program

6 to 8 weeks

This 3-part training program is designed to fulfill sexual harassment prevention training needs for many organizations. In Part 1, we cover Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for all employees. In Part 2, we build on Part 1 and go deeper with Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for all managers and supervisors.

Finally, we complete the series with Sexual Harassment Bystander Training to give all employees the tools they need to combat sexual harassment in the workplace and actively contribute to a healthier, safer, and more productive workplace environment for everyone.

(Note: while Ethos strives to satisfy statutory requirements of various jurisdictions, we do not make legal representations, warranties, or guarantees to this effect. Please rely on your legal counsel to confirm satisfaction of applicable laws in your jurisdiction.)

Session One: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - Part 1

Session Length: 60 Minute Training for All Employees

This session provides employees with the foundational knowledge to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. We go beyond mere definitions to create a working understanding of real-life situations, how these situations can affect others, and what resources are available if employees see or experience sexual harassment themselves. 

We will learn:

  • A definition and explanation of sexual harassment
  • Examples of conduct that constitute sexual harassment
  • Federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment, including remedies that may be available to victims of sexual harassment
  • Responsibilities of employers in the prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment

Session Two: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - Part 2

Session Length: 60 Minute Training for Managers and Supervisors

This interactive session for managers and supervisors re-introduces the critical concepts around sexual harassment, misconduct, and violations of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging principles in the workplace. Participants will gain practical experience addressing challenging situations and common sexual harassment scenarios in a workshop setting.

We will learn:

  • How power dynamics give managers and supervisors a unique role in preventing, addressing, and eliminating workplace sexual harassment (and a responsibility to do so)
  • How to support those in harassment situations and take action to protect employees in your organization
  • What your goals are in reviewing and correcting harassment events using a DEIB lens
  • Organizational resources we can use as we practice scenarios and collectively problem solve

Session Three: Sexual Harassment Bystander Training

Session Length: 60 Minute Training for All Employees

This training focuses on how we can empower ourselves to become champions for one another, especially by focusing on tools, techniques, and strategies we can engage in to intervene in difficult sexual harassment situations. We will focus on what it means to be a champion; go in-depth on how to intervene directly through delegation, distraction, and delay; and role-play common scenarios with newfound bystander and upstander intervention techniques. 

We will learn:

  • What it takes to become an equitable organization 
  • What it means to be an ally and how to support allies with champion behaviors 
  • The Four D’s model for upstander and bystander intervention
  • How to contribute to repairing harm and restoring safety on teams and in the organization
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