Inclusive Management Program

6 months

6-Month Management Program for One Cohort of People Managers (4 to 20 individuals). 

In this six-month program designed to combine diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and practices with management fundamentals, people managers will learn how to better lead their teams, especially in achieving results, providing guidance, and supporting healthy team dynamics. This program is best suited for groups of 4 to 20 individuals and can be run in multiple cohorts.

The program includes: five training sessions, five facilitated forums, monthly check-in and feedback calls with the program point of contact, and a complete program retrospective. 

Descriptions for the program components are included below.

Level Up: Understanding Your Role as a Manager (2 Hours)

This training focuses on role clarity and management fundamentals.

Participants will: 

  • Understand the role of a manager and how to set expectations 
  • Learn how to set boundaries, especially as relationship dynamics change
  • Apply diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging principles to your daily management responsibilities
  • Identify how you will implement what you learned today over the next 30 days

Being an Anti-Racist Manager (2 Hours)

In this session, we learn the foundations of institutional racism and how to develop racial competence as managers, especially by understanding how our power as leaders of teams impacts teammates of color.

Participants will: 

  • Go through an overview of race and race theory
  • Explore how to identify microaggressions
  • Discuss how to initiate conversations around race 
  • Explore how to use power equitably

Goal-Setting and Productivity (2 Hours)

In this session, we will focus on balancing competing priorities and daily distractions to get more work done and empower team members in the process.

Participants will learn: 

  • How to set goals based on purpose outcomes
  • The Situational Leadership model and how to delegate effectively
  • How to use delegation as a tool for advancing equity in teams
  • The Getting Stuff Done model and best practices for prioritization 

Giving and Receiving Feedback (2 Hours)

This training focuses on giving and receiving feedback as a foundation for management. We will balance developing an understanding of how to provide performance-based feedback formally and informally with managing dynamic, complex situations where giving feedback may feel challenging.

Participants will learn: 

  • How to use the Radical Candor feedback framework
  • Tools for receiving feedback openly
  • How to give feedback across a variety of power dynamics
  • What resistance to feedback means, and how to overcome it
  • Tools for giving feedback in sensitive situations, especially in the community

Managing Conflict (2 Hours)

Navigating conflict is one of the most critical skills a manager can develop, primarily as they work to create collaboration, innovation, and collaboration across their teams. This session will teach us how to engage in healthy conflict to drive better outcomes.

Participants will learn: 

  • The spectrum of healthy to unhealthy conflict
  • The ways giving and receiving feedback, engaging in DEIB work, and navigating relationships may lead to conflict
  • Tools for addressing each common conflict scenario
  • How to engage in restorative dialogue after unhealthy conflict
  • The Performance Improvement Process (PIP)

Forum (90 Minutes Each)

Members of the program will participate in five 90-minute forums, one after each workshop in this option.

Forums are an opportunity to deepen their learning and brainstorm how to integrate it into their daily practices and processes.

Ethos will provide guidance, materials, and tools for members to facilitate some of their learnings for their immediate teams.

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