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Level 101

101 sessions introduce foundational terms and concepts around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). Each session builds awareness on central, applicable concepts and includes tools and exercises that support the participant’s learning. Participants do not need to have previous knowledge of key DEIB terms, concepts, and practice in self-awareness. We suggest taking one to three 101 sessions before starting 201 sessions.

This training focuses on giving and receiving feedback as a foundation for healthy workplace belonging. We will balance developing an understanding of how to give performance-based feedback formally and informally with managing dynamic, complex situations where giving feedback may feel challenging.

In this session, we will focus on how to balance competing priorities and daily distractions to get more work done, and empower team members and direct reports in the process. We will also understand how diversity among our direct reports influences their goals and modes of working, along with what to do to lead productive and inclusive teams.

In this training, we help employees identify their core desired feelings and improvement goals, focusing on the many intersectional identities they hold and how they inform their aspirations. We will support employees in understanding relevant sources of inspiration and apply that forward momentum to their roles within organizations.

Level 201

201 sessions are designed to foster deeper understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Participants will gain the most value in these sessions if they previous experience with DEIB, especially a working knowledge of key terms, concepts, and self-assessment techniques.

We will learn how to develop an inclusive interviewing structure by understanding bias, gaining context on existing processes, and participating in exercises rooted in real-life interviewing practices. You will leave with the confidence to integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into your hiring processes and show up as your best self when interviewing candidates.

We build on our emotional intelligence and empathy skills to consider how our power as leaders impacts teammates so we can take ownership and responsibility in hearing their voices, setting expectations, and navigating difficult conversations.

Mental health is one of the most pressing DEIB issues that faces employees today. This session focuses on supporting healthy stress management practices. Participates will learn the difference between stress and stressors, good stress and bad stress, as well as stress that is every day, far away, and imaginary. Participants will practice several tools for coping with stress, as well as how to deal with stress within their teams. Finally, participants will learn techniques to manage stress, then create an action plan to manage stress moving forward.

Level 301

301 courses focus on practical application of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging theories and frameworks in structural and strategic forms. These courses require both preexisting knowledge of DEIB and specific social identities, as well as participants with the ability to drive and lead group and organization-wide initiatives. These “next level” sessions are for organizations who have advanced DEIB plans and policies previously and are looking to evolve.

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All Levels

These sessions help those new to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging develop insight and expertise in a given area while furthering the understanding of those with more experience. Focused on core tools, anyone can participate and leave with at least one beneficial, constructive action to take into their working lives.

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We inform vision, strategy, processes, and practices around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through various techniques and practices. We conduct research and assessments to identify the best paths forward for each of our clients. Our offerings focus on every part of the intersection between employee experience and belonging according to our DEIB-based model  R2P2: recruiting, retention, promotion, and protection.

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Our CEO, Alida Miranda-Wolff is an award-winning speaker and published author on the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Invite her to speak at your organization, conference, summit, and more!

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