Stress Management

Inclusive Leadership

Mental health is one of the most pressing DEIB issues that faces employees today. This session focuses on supporting healthy stress management practices. Participates will learn the difference between stress and stressors, good stress and bad stress, as well as stress that is every day, far away, and imaginary. Participants will practice several tools for coping with stress, as well as how to deal with stress within their teams. Finally, participants will learn techniques to manage stress, then create an action plan to manage stress moving forward.

Learning Objectives

  • The difference between stress and stressors
  • How to identify good stress, bad stress, and the different kinds of stress that affect our daily lives
  • Daily and long-term strategies for coping with stress
  • Collect tools for how you can help others manage their stress
  • Develop an action plan for dealing with at least one major stressor
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