A woman with tan skin and dark brown shoulder-length hair is smiling. She is wearing a blue shirt and standing in front of a blurred botanic background.

Team Bio

Miriame Cherbib




Miriame is the Principal at Ethos.

Miriame aspires to be a translator and a bridge-builder between different cultures and perspectives.

She is Tunisian, French, and American. She was raised in France in a community of human rights activists who shared with her their passion for advocacy and dialogue.

She studied International Economics and Development to understand how powerful international institutions use data, build models and impact developing economies and communities. She worked in research for five years and co-designed and facilitated dozens of European dialogues under the direction of Dr. Minh Ha-Duong, a lead author of the IPCC’s reports. This institution was co-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

Outside of Ethos, she is the founder of Speaking Justice. She uses her skills to help leaders, educators, parents, and caregivers in rural areas create a culture of dialogue on race and other important issues.

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