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2022 marks the fourth year of Ethos as a company. To celebrate how much the team has grown since its beginning, we’ve been spotlighting all of the talented and hardworking individuals who make up our team! Through Our Ethos, you will discover what each team member enjoys most about working here and what their personal ethos is.

This week’s highlight is our Training and Programs Facilitator, Miriame Cherbib!

Miriame Cherbib

Describe your role at Ethos

As the Training and Programs Facilitator, I research, design, deliver and refine our offerings to help leaders of organizations and staff create the conditions for everyone to thrive at work. Though I am officially part of the Training and Programs team, I often collaborate with other Ethos departments to ensure our trainings and programs are tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

What made you want to start at Ethos?

Purpose and impact!

As an Arab child raised in France, I learned early how to navigate overt and covert racism, and I have always known that my path would lead me to social justice. I chose to study International Economics and Conflict Management and work in research to learn models, tools, and skills that would allow me to have the kind of impact I wanted on our society.

When I discovered Ethos, I was thrilled! Our mission at Ethos is aligned with my purpose, and I am now part of an organization that has an immensely positive impact on organizations and individuals.

What has been your favorite aspect of working at Ethos?

It is challenging to only talk about one, so I will choose two.

  1. I get to meet people from diverse backgrounds, learn about them, build trust and support them in overcoming challenges.
  2. Our team is made of brilliant individuals with diverse and complementary skills. I love learning from them, and their talent allows me to focus on the skills I need to develop to fulfill my mission.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?

I loved serving as a forum facilitator and coach for our Women Leadership Accelerator, WMNTech, that we offer in partnership with 1871. I had the opportunity to witness the personal transformation of the impressive leaders who joined the program. It was rewarding and inspiring to work on this comprehensive project.

What do diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean to you?

For me, DEIB is the constant and intentional practice of awareness, humility, learning, and action. It is the awareness of the systems in place and our role in them. It is the humble acknowledgment that no one can solve systemic injustices alone but that we are all needed for a positive change. It is the practice of constant learning about others’ experiences and the drive for action to support those who need it, even when action means holding space.

What does the word “ethos” mean to you?

Ethos is the expression of our values and how people around us perceive them. Our ethos contributes to building the trust we need for impact. When I think about examples of Ethos, some of my role models come to my mind- Thomas Sankara, Nelson Mandela, and Stéphane Hessel- who took ethos very seriously and used it to change the course of history and the lives of millions of individuals.

What is your personal ethos? How does it show up in your everyday life?

I am an optimist who believes in humanity’s ability to navigate complexity and evolve towards more understanding and compassion. I never give up on people. I use dialogue and resonance tools to help individuals feel heard and supported and get clarity. It takes time and effort, but I have seen how it contributes to positive change.

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