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Our Ethos
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2021 marks the third year of Ethos as a company. To celebrate how much the team has grown since its beginning, we want to spotlight all of the talented and hardworking individuals who make up our team!

Over the next month, we will discover what each team member enjoys most about working here and what their personal ethos is.

This week’s highlight is Project Manager, Sonni Conway!

Describe your role at Ethos.

I am the Project Manager at Ethos. My job is to help keep the team organized, on track, and on time. I am also responsible for building processes and workflows that don’t exist yet to help the team scale and become more efficient.

What made you want to work at Ethos?

The previous company I worked for hired Ethos to do a ton of DEI work, so I had the chance to work with Alida there. While working together, I felt supported, challenged, and excited by the work. Everything I learned impacted me so significantly that I reached out to Alida to see if there was something I could do at Ethos to help her share this information with others.

What has been your favorite aspect of working at Ethos?

I really enjoy working on a small team. Each team member has an individual role that they are responsible for, and there is an understanding that we are a team and need to work together to accomplish our goals. The team is also very kind, funny, empathetic, and open to improvement, which is important to me.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?

My favorite project has been implementing a client engagement pipeline to help our team understand how many client engagements we have going on at a time, what is going on with each one, and what is coming next.

What do diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean to you?

Feeling that you are wanted, welcome, and included. That people understand and cherish your differences and couldn’t imagine a world without you in it. In other words, feeling home.

What does the word “ethos” mean to you?

I can’t think of Ethos without thinking of our leader, Alida. As I mentioned, we worked together at my previous company, and she really had a big impact on me there in both our DEIB and coaching sessions. She is such an intelligent person who leads by example and is truly shaping this industry.

What is your personal ethos? How does it show up in your everyday life?

Compassion, empathy, and understanding are three very important things that I try to incorporate into every interaction that I have. The absence of these things can cause people to feel disconnected, misunderstood, and unheard. I aim to make people feel connected, understood, and heard.

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