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2021 marks the third year of Ethos as a company. To celebrate how much the team has grown since its beginning, we’ve been spotlighting all of the talented and hardworking individuals who make up our team! Through Our Ethos, you will discover what each team member enjoys most about working here and what their personal ethos is.

This week’s highlight is Marketing Intern, Lisa Mei!

Describe your role at Ethos.

I am a Marketing Intern at Ethos. My role mainly consists of managing our social media platforms, which entails creating content and ensuring that our campaigns run smoothly. I’ll also assist Lexi Brown, our Senior Associate, in any other marketing initiatives.

What made you want to work at Ethos?

Last semester, I was actively looking for a meaningful internship for the summer. I found Ethos on Handshake and instantly knew that this was the role I wanted. Not only was the position in marketing, but I was really interested in the work Ethos does. Ethos is actively helping underrepresented groups in organizations, and as an Asian American woman, that was important to me. I also had a great interview process with Lexi and our CEO, Alida Miranda-Wolff. They made me fall in love with the company and the position.

What has been your favorite aspect of working at Ethos?

My favorite part about working with Ethos has to be how understanding everyone on the team is. We’re open and vulnerable with each other, and I know that I can lean on anybody on the team for support. Ethos changed my perspective on company culture, and I genuinely appreciate every single person on our team.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?

I love every project that I work on, but my capstone project is building a media kit. I’ve really enjoyed working on this project because it allows me to highlight Ethos’ core values, and I’m also able to be creative with the design aspect.

What do diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean to you?

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging all work together, in my opinion. Together, I think these four words mean that you genuinely feel like all of your identities are welcome and accepted.

What does the word “ethos” mean to you?

To me, my “ethos” means what pushes me to be the best version of myself.

What is your personal ethos? How does it show up in your everyday life?

My ethos is putting 100% into everything I do. I try my best at every project I take on, and I think it’s important to give it my all to show that I am passionate about what I’m doing and doing it with a purpose.

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