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Aspiring leaders know that to achieve their goals, they need counsel, preferably from folks who have been there before. Every publication from Harvard Business Review to The Muse urges emerging professionals to find a mentor, set regular meetings, and grow, grow, grow. But, all of this emphasis on the mentee leaves out the mentor. And being a mentor is a major commitment - you have the power to shape someone's view of themselves professionally and even personally. Your collaboration could be the difference between their promotion or their departure from an industry. Now more than ever, mentors need to understand the importance of showing up for their mentees responsibly, thoughtfully, and respectfully. In this session, we will learn how. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding your power as a mentor 
  • How to mentor mentees from underserved and underrepresented communities 
  • When to listen, when to guide, and when to advise 
  • How to track progress and use encouragement as a motivational tool

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