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Team Bio

María Emilia Lasso de la Vega

Training and Programs Facilitator, Technical Facilitation Manager



María Emilia is a Training and Programs Facilitator at Ethos, leading content development, technical facilitation, client communication, and training project management in our Training, Programs, and Speaking practice. She is also the Technical Facilitation Manager who oversees Technical Facilitators and supports a seamless tech experience in our virtual sessions.

María Emilia is passionate about raising awareness and driving impactful change to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. She has a master’s degree in Learning Technologies and Design and utilizes her experience to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences for all. Before joining the Ethos team, María Emilia worked within Higher Education, developing programs to expand knowledge and understanding of critical issues that hamper student and institutional growth. Her personal experiences exploring her identity as a minority in the US have driven her to find creative ways to build spaces focused on inclusion and belonging.

LGBTQ+ Rolla Founding Board Member

LGBTQ+ Safe Zone Ally Facilitator

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