A Black woman with brown skin and medium-length curly brown hair has her head resting on her hand and she is smiling. She is wearing a yellow floral top and purple and brown beaded bracelets, a grey watch, and a silver statement ring on her left hand.

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Khalilah Lyons




Khalilah Lyons is a facilitator at Ethos.

Khalilah is a disrupter of dominant cultural norms at start-ups, small corporations, consulting firms, VCs, and non-profits. Listed third as one of  Mogul’s ‘Top 100 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leaders in 2021’, Khalilah has extensive experience and an engaging, no-nonsense approach that makes her sought after as a thought leader, facilitator, coach, and advisor.

Led by an appreciation for the rhythms of cultures and people, and the necessity to respect those rhythms, her work as a keynote speaker, mentor, advisory council member, thought leader, and volunteer have offered platforms for sharing actionable inspiration, creating privilege, and empowering the brilliance of others. As founder of Answer the Moment, LLC. she partners with many different organizations ready to start their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey as a DEI partner bridging capability gaps to create inspiring and engaging cultures that bring the best talent and the best from talent. Her unique approach layers the “how” and “why” we stand the way we do into the “what” of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As managing director and co-founder of Candidly Connecting, she is igniting bold and essential conversations with children and their parents. Through this online platform, parents are equipped with tools, resources, and role models to begin having real dialogue and understand the diverse resilience that enables communities to thrive. With digestible coaching and a dynamic, online community, parents and children can create diversity and inclusion naturally in their daily lives through the power of storytelling.

Khalilah believes in the power that bold conversations have to shift cultures where lived experiences are appreciated and all identities can genuinely flourish.

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