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Daniela Felletti




Daniela Felletti, whose fascination with human behavior and education towards a more inclusive world has led her to become a consultant and educator on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Daniela uses the pronouns “she/her” and identifies as a woman of color with indigenous Brazilian and Italian roots.

In Europe for +18 years, based in France, and operating globally, Daniela is a multilingual professional specializing in executive-level consulting and training. DEI Lecturer for top schools focusing on topics like Inclusive Leadership, Deconstructing Unconscious Bias, Race & Racialization, Management & Equality Approach. She is an international DEI Speaker for companies seeking to bring a more actionable speech to help them transform their good intentions into actions.

Through her training, she evokes the importance of exploring the different perceptions of the brain (thus of the unconscious) towards the other through sensory, introspective, and active listening activities. A profound and effective way to create meaningful connections, to release curiosity, and to awaken perceptions with empathy and authenticity. Daniela has presented at many international events and organizations throughout Europe and overseas, and her clients include FIA (Féderation International Automobile),  AECOM,  50inTech, Heineken, Bristol Myers Squibb, Tracerco, West Pharma, and Michigan State University. Daniela is an expert who inspires her work on behavioral science, aiming to help individuals and organizations transform and evolve the way they perceive and act on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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