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Team Bio

Andy Swindler

Interim Partnerships Director



As Interim Partnerships Director, Andy connects impact organizations to solutions from Ethos that advance their missions and transform their cultures, which strengthens the social fabric of our world.

Andy Swindler's purpose is to reveal truth where it hides most deeply. He envisions a unified humanity where every person experiences dignity and agency. As a social entrepreneur, community organizer, coach, writer, speaker and mental health advocate, he works and plays at the intersection of circles, embodiment, healing, purpose, culture and social justice. Andy co-founded FeelReal, a collaborative ecosystem of Spaceholders who connect deeply in authentic community to shift the dominant culture from fear to love.

Andy graduated from Northwestern University and is immersed in mutual aid, houseless, and restorative justice communities around Chicago. He writes and speaks about social justice, DEIB, and authentic expression, and co-authored the book, U Empath You. Andy enjoys drumming, playing piano, being silly, cycling and hiking.

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