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Team Bio

Alida Miranda-Wolff

Founder and CEO



Alida Miranda-Wolff is the CEO and Founder of Ethos and author of the book Cultures of Belonging: Building Inclusive Organizations that Last. Alida received her certification in diversity, equity, and inclusion from Georgetown University and has eight years of practitioner experience. In 2021, Alida was a recipient of the University of Chicago’s Early Career Achievement Award.

By helping organizations and the people inside of them understand their relationships with power, how to use their power responsibly, and how to share their power, she helps create the conditions for everyone to thrive at work.

As part of Ethos, Alida serves as the Program Director of the Women Influence Chicago Accelerator, which supports womxn-identifying technologists advance their careers through a structured four-month program combining coaching, forums, classroom learning, and mentorship. She is also the founder of the membership organization, Embolden, which is focused on developing friendships between women.

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