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Equity Action Planning

Duration: 2–3 Months

In partnership with your organization, Ethos will help organize, facilitate, and finalize your Equity Action Plan. 

In this option, Ethos will:

  • Convene interested stakeholders to define your organization’s equity practices, objectives, and responsibilities
  • Collaborate with your team members to draft, edit, and publish the Equity Action Plan
  • Make recommendations for future improvement

To achieve these outcomes, Ethos will: 

  • Survey participants prior to the first session to identifies options and commonalities
  • Lead one 30-minute kickoff meeting to orient your organization to project goals, timing, and participant responsibilities
  • Lead four 90-minute facilitated sessions
  • Lead two check-in meetings between sessions to integrate feedback and tailor the sessions to your needs
  • Prepare a planning and ideation workbook for your participants to complete in advance of each session
  • Project manage the iteration and finalization of the Equity Action Plan

To support your organization in designing key equity initiatives, Ethos will: 

  1. Provide examples from previous companies
  2. Provide resources and tools for pursuing initiatives
  3. Volunteer recommendations for the highest impact initiatives and keeping them within reach
  4. Help coalition-build and develop support with employees outside of the DEIB Committee
  5. Support communication around the key initiatives
  6. Check back in after the first round of initiative launches to chart progress
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