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DEIB Summit

Two Days (6.5 Hours/Day)

In partnership with your organization, Ethos will design, organize and facilitate a summit for your international DEIB committees and teams to maximize collaboration, inspiration, and action planning. 

In this option, Ethos will: 

  • Collaborate with your team to identify your organization’s needs and desired outcomes 
  • Co-design the event to create the most impactful experience possible
  • Facilitate the event and coordinate with potential external stakeholders 
  • Offer a keynote session aligned with your organization’s goals

To achieve these outcomes, Ethos will:

  • Conduct two 45-min preparatory meetings 
  • Create an agenda for the event and integrate up to two rounds of feedback
  • Create and send a pre-event questionnaire to understand participants’ expectations
  • Coordinate with any external keynote speakers
  • Create the materials needed for the event participants
  • Lead the event
  • Include a relevant keynote session from one of our Ethos’ experts

The pricing encompasses costs for two Ethos Presenters, planning, workbooks, and travel within North America and Europe. Additional travel fees may be required outside of these two home base regions. 

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