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6-Month International Leadership Program

6 Months

This six-month program is designed to combine Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging principles and practices with international leadership fundamentals. Leaders will learn how to better lead their diverse teams, especially in terms of achieving results, providing guidance, and supporting healthy team dynamics in multicultural environments. This program is best suited for groups of 4 to 20 individuals.

In this option, Ethos will provide: 

  • Five training sessions
  • Five facilitated forums
  • Monthly check-in and feedback calls with the program point of contact
  • A complete retrospective at the end

Descriptions of the program components are included below.

Level Up: Understanding Your Role as a Leader (2 Hours)

This training offers leadership fundamentals with a DEIB lens. Participants will learn what it means to be a leader of an international organization and how to build effective communication. 

Being an Anti-Racist Leader (3 Hours)

In this session, we learn how to develop cultural competence as leaders, especially by understanding how our power impacts staff of different ethnicities and nationalities. Through both U.S. and global lenses, we will explore racism, colorism, and the differences between how race is perceived by different groups.

Goal-Setting and Productivity (2 Hours)

In this session, we focus on balancing competing priorities and daily distractions to get more work done, especially in DEIB, and empower diverse team members in the process.

Giving and Receiving Feedback (2 Hours)

This training focuses on giving and receiving feedback as a foundation for leadership. We balance giving performance-based feedback formally and informally with managing dynamic, complex situations and cultural differences where giving feedback may feel challenging.

Managing Conflict (3 Hours)

Navigating conflict is one of the most critical skills a leader can develop, primarily as they create collaboration and foster innovation across their diverse teams. In this session, we learn how to engage in healthy conflict to drive better outcomes and create the conditions for team members from different countries to feel that they belong.

Forums (90 Minutes Each)

Members of the program will participate in five 90-minute forums, one after each workshop. Ethos will provide guidance, materials, and tools for members to facilitate some of their learnings for their immediate teams.

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