Wage Equity Assessment

3–4 months

Ethos will assess the organization’s compensation structure and practices to identify trends, pay inequities, and opportunities to adjust existing practices to support pay equity.
In this collaboration, Ethos will:

Review the components of your total compensation system, including base pay, overtime pay, commission, incentive pay, stock options/profit sharing, benefits, and perks.Collect data about your existing compensation policies and practices, including:

  • Decision making: Collaborating with the HR, finance, and operations teams to understand how you develop compensation packages and determine pay increases by determining who makes compensation decisions, which criteria decision-makers consider when making compensation decisions (such as performance scores, levels of education, tenures, and years of industry experience), and how much discretion decision-makers have when making compensation decisions.
  • Job characteristics: Collaborate to collect data about employees’ job titles, job duties, job grades or levels, job locations, and hours worked to define which job roles across the organization can be considered “comparable”.
  • Social identity: Collaborating with the HR team to collect EEO data about employees’ social identities, including gender, age, race, and disability status.

Conduct an audit to assess wage equity across all levels of the organization and identify pay inequities between employees performing comparable roles.

Deliver a Wage Equity Report summarizing the compensation factors assessed, results for each factor, and recommendations for remediating any instances of pay inequity identified

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