Hiring and Interviewing - Ad Hoc Consulting

$4,500 retainer*
As mutually agreed upon

Ethos can support your organization’s internal team on an ad-hoc basis under Ethos’s current Hourly Consulting Rate Schedule. Consulting services may include:

  • Reviewing and suggesting recruiting practices and interviewing tools to advance your organization’s plans and programs
  • Reviewing your organization's prepared interview training and providing feedback on enhancements
  • Assisting with challenges encountered and developing strategy refinements
  • Performing troubleshooting and/or resourcing sessions

Hourly Consulting Rate Schedule:

  • $500/hr for Alida Miranda-Wolff and Lisa Tomiko Blackburn
  • $400/hr for Ethos Managers
  • $175-350/hr Ethos Associates

*Advance payment of a replenishable $4,500 retainer is required.

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