Equitable Leveling, Compensation Analysis & Career Growth Processes

3–4 months

Ethos will work with your organization to architect equitable processes for setting compensation, creating levels and a promotion process, and supporting managers in developing their employees.

This collaboration will consist of:

Levels Development & Working Sessions:

  • Levels Philosophy: One Levels Philosophy detailing the company’s approach towards career progression and growth of career paths.
  • Levels Frameworks: One Levels Framework that includes developing growth dimensions for performance measures that apply across all levels structures, a structure for how levels work, and mechanisms that relate to performance feedback, promotions and raises, and overall talent development.
  • Working Sessions: Up to ten 60-minute Working Sessions with People Managers to complete Levels Framework templates for each department.
  • Performance Feedback Framework: Support incorporating the new Levels Framework in performance feedback mechanisms for continuity and clear career growth progression measures.

Implementation & Growth Support:

  • Growth Plan Development: Support developing a growth plan template and framework for employees, including leadership team members, that helps them match the Levels Framework to clear, individualized steps for career development.
  • Compensation Philosophy: A high-level overview of how the organization approaches all decisions on compensation, including pay bands, equity stake, benefits and perks, incentives, and how all compensation ties to levels and growth dimensions.
  • Compensation Benchmarks and Recommendations: Analysis of key roles and responsibilities and comparison to similar market segments to craft custom recommendations for ideal pay bands for the organization.
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