Employee Handbook - Culture Draft

3–5 months

Ethos will completely customize, align with values, conform to brand standards, and give voice to the most critical employee touchpoint: your organization's Employee Handbook, in a custom offering with a goal of enhancing and supporting culture as the organization changes and grows.

In this option, Ethos will:

Analyze Current Practices

  • Perform an in-depth analysis of the organization’s current Employee Handbook, policies, and practices with an objective of enhancing organizational culture

Collaborate on Culture-Enhancing Solutions

  • Conduct a planning meeting with your organization’s leadership and HR team to discuss segments of your current policies and practices suggested for improvement

Synthesize and Transform your Employee Handbook

  • Produce an Employee Handbook (Culture Draft) that supports a healthy workplace culture, promotes retention, and fosters employee opportunity and wellbeing

Polish and Finalize

  • Review any brand and style guidelines that should govern Ethos’s work
  • Obtain one round of comments from your organization’s key constituents and perform revisions

Deliver and Provide Rollout Guidance

  • Conduct one meeting with your organization’s key constituents (which can include your leadership, HR team, attorneys, consultants, etc.) to obtain feedback on the final draft
  • Revise and deliver a complete Employee Handbook in electronic format, ready for final review by your counsel and applicable consultants.

*Ethos does not provide legal, compliance, financial, tax, or accounting advice; we have experience working harmoniously with counsel and consultants and are pleased to collaborate with your own team, as requested.

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