DEIB Committee Assessment & Re-Launch

3–4 months

Ethos will work with your organization to evaluate current DEIB Committee norms, culture, practices, and initiatives; and create a strategic plan for re-launching the DEIB Committee in a healthy and sustainable manner. At the end of the engagement, the DEIB Committee will have a set of initiatives to pursue, complete with short-term, mid-term, and long-term practices and initiatives with concrete timelines.

Ethos’s DEIB Committee Re-Launch will be tailored for your organization's DEIB Committee members and customized to align with existing goals and initiatives. 

In this option, Ethos will:

Conduct a DEIB Committee Listening Tour and Assessment

  • Offer up to 3 hours of Open Office Hours with DEIB committee members related to change management for the DEIB Committee Re-Launch
  • Assess all past plans and initiatives pursued and executed by the DEIB Committee to date
  • Diagnose the source of past cultural issues on the DEIB Committee and design safeguards for future best practices

Create a Strategic Roadmap

  • Create a strategic plan for Re-Launching the DEIB Committee, establishing common goals, supporting healthier communication practices, and setting a foundation of civility and support
  • Conduct two 60-minute planning meetings with HR to present DEIB Committee Re-Launch plans and incorporate feedback to ensure alignment with organizational needs

Define the Committee's Purpose, Objectives, Roles, and Responsibilities

  • Support the DEIB Committee's member recruitment process and communicate results across the organization 
  • Help the DEIB Committee present this information to the overall organization
  • Make recommendations for improvement in the future

Lead Meeting Design, Facilitation and Follow-Ups

  • Offer support over the course of four DEIB Committee meetings

Assist in Designing Key Initiatives for the DEIB Committee

  • Provide examples from previous companies
  • Provide resources and tools for pursuing initiatives
  • Volunteer recommendations for the most high-impact initiatives and for keeping them within reach
  • Support initiatives that are tied to OKRs
  • Offer budget and buy-in guidance
  • Help coalition-build and develop support with stakeholders outside of the committee
  • Support communication around the key initiatives
  • Check back in after the first round of initiative launches to chart progress
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