DEIB Business Metrics

$9,500 retainer*
As mutually agreed upon

Ethos can assist with establishing and tracking analytics, and developing custom assessments under Ethos’s current Hourly Consulting Rate Schedule. Consulting services may include:

  • Collection of baseline data
  • Long-term benchmarking through surveys
  • Diversity Return on Investment (DROI) business modeling to analyze DEIB initiatives with the greatest impact and highest projected return within your organization
  • Analysis and packaging of data into easy-to-use visuals and reports

Hourly Consulting Rate Schedule:

  • $500/hr for Alida Miranda-Wolff and Lisa Tomiko Blackburn
  • $400/hr for Ethos Managers
  • $175-350/hr Ethos Associates

*Advance payment of a replenishable $9,500 retainer is required.

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