DEIB Assessment & Strategic Roadmap - Premium + DEIB Curriculum (Savings Package)

Starting at $70,000
3–5 Months

Ethos will work with your organization to evaluate current DEIB practices and initiatives, analyze gaps and areas of improvement, and create a strategic plan complete with short-term, mid-term, and long-term practices and initiatives to integrate for increased Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging with concrete timelines. This tier of Ethos’s DEIB Assessment & Strategic Roadmap is our most enhanced offering and includes a suite of custom trainings based on our research findings.

Ethos’s DEIB Assessment & Strategic Roadmap will be tailored for your team of employees, project members, and staff; and customized to align with existing goals and initiatives. In this option, Ethos will:

Conduct an Organizational Assessment

  • Develop and deliver a company-wide DEIB survey with an emphasis on equity and engagement 
  • Offer one day (a total of up to 8 hours) of open office hours for employees to share perspectives anonymously
  • Offer one day (a total of up to 8 hours) of interviews with the executive team
  • Conduct a complete analysis of the organization's “cultural artifacts”: documents employees interact with that reflect markers of culture: employee job descriptions, recruiting materials, employee handbook, performance evaluation documents, promotion evaluation procedures, policies, and existing composition, conditions, and initiatives on DEIB
  • Evaluate what practices are already working
  • Analyze gaps and areas of improvement regarding DEIB

Create a Strategic Roadmap

  • Create a strategic plan complete with short-term (0-6 months), mid-term (6-12 months), and long-term (12 months and beyond) practices and initiatives to integrate for increased DEIB with concrete timelines 
  • Create a Research Summary and slide presentation synthesizing all research, data, and recommendations to be shared with the leadership team
  • Deliver a 5–10 page plan on how to execute against our Top 5 Recommendations over the next year
  • Conduct one 90-minute DEIB Assessment & Strategic Roadmap Presentation on the plan, including recommendations for implementation moving forward, delivered to either the leadership team or people team/executive sponsor
  • Conduct up to one round of edits on the slide presentation deliverable

Deliver a Series of Four Trainings Selected and Crafted Based on Your Unique Needs

  • Ethos will tailor a Custom Series Curriculum specifically targeted to develop your organization’s existing strengths and create improvements in areas of “opportunity”
  • Trainings vary from 60-120 minutes, based on your audience and needs
  • All trainings include 2 Ethos facilitators and 1 producer, representing diverse social identities
  • These virtual trainings include a session recording, all workshop materials, pre- and post-messaging, and a 5-year license to use the session recording in your learning and onboarding libraries
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