DEIB Assessment & Strategic Roadmap - Foundation

Starting at $32,500
3–4 Months

Ethos will work with your organization to evaluate current DEIB practices and initiatives, analyze gaps and areas of improvement, and create a strategic plan complete with short-term, mid-term, and long-term practices and initiatives to integrate for increased Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging with concrete timelines.

Ethos’s DEIB Assessment & Strategic Roadmap will be tailored for your team of employees, project members, and staff; and customized to align with existing goals and initiatives. In this option, Ethos will:

Conduct an Organizational Assessment

  • Develop and deliver a company-wide DEIB survey with an emphasis on equity and engagement 
  • Conduct a foundational analysis of the organization's “cultural artifacts”: documents employees interact with that reflect markers of culture: employee job descriptions, recruiting materials, employee handbook, performance evaluation documents, promotion evaluation procedures, policies, and existing composition, conditions, and initiatives on DEIB
  • Evaluate what practices are already working
  • Analyze gaps and areas of improvement regarding DEIB

Create a Strategic Roadmap

  • Deliver a Research Summary with baseline quantitative data, high-level themes, and the top 10-14 itemized recommendations for equity enhancements, delivered in a 90-minute Research Summary review meeting with time reserved for Q&A.
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