Community Partnership Consulting

$12,000 retainer*
As mutually agreed upon

Ethos may research, interview, and recommend potential partnerships that can help maximize your organization’s DEIB pipeline for hiring in specific social identity communities under Ethos’s current Hourly Consulting Rate Schedule. Consulting services may include:

  • Collaborating with the organization to “right-size” the scope of work
  • Conducting discovery meetings with relevant parties to explore and establish goals, core messages, and potential programs
  • Identifying candidate organizations to introduce to your organization
  • Creating a governing strategy encompassing cadence, promotion, and pipeline support for diverse hiring needs over the long-term

Hourly Consulting Rate Schedule:

  • $500/hr for Alida Miranda-Wolff and Lisa Tomiko Blackburn
  • $400/hr for Ethos Managers
  • $175-350/hr Ethos Associates

*Advance payment of a replenishable $12,000 retainer is required.

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