Last Updated:
January 30, 2023

At Ethos, we are creating the conditions for everyone to thrive at work. We’re a full-service diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)  transformation organization focused on helping close the opportunity gap for underrepresented and underserved groups. 

As the Consulting Associate, you will drive the research that supports making large-scale DEIB interventions and changes across a wide-ranging portfolio of technology, professional services, and nonprofit organizations. You will be the visionary behind understanding not only how organizations work today, but how those insights translate into opportunities in the future. 

The Objectives You’re Here to Meet 

  • Support the development of custom solutions across DEIB assessments and roadmaps, hiring, retention, and equitable promotion practices, and policy development and review. 
  • Identify areas for improvement, standardization, and productization across all Ethos consulting offerings. 
  • Ensure Ethos executes with excellence for clients through project management, especially by managing and improving existing systems and setting up standards for communicating with clients.

How You’ll Meet Those Objectives 


  • Attend and eventually conduct Discovery meetings with clients to determine what they need in order to achieve DEIB outcomes. 
  • Conduct independent research online and through readings to develop benchmarks, new strategies for our recommendations, and understand our clients’ processes and ways of working. 
  • Translate Discovery notes into clearly defined and time-boxed Project Plans that allow for the construction of deliverables and solutions. 
  • Develop recommendations using our assessment model: Recruiting, Retention, Promotion, and Protection. 
  • Support the implementation of consulting projects, including launching and reinvigorating affinity groups, developing hiring practices that eliminate bias, developing and leading onboarding programs, supporting the construction of levels, growth frameworks, and growth plans for companies, and creating DEIB policies and statements. 

Account Management  

  • Account manage select consulting clients. 
  • Engage in user research to improve existing offerings and develop new ones for our clients. 
  • Proactively send project management updates to clients. 
  • Fact check and proofread all final consulting deliverables for clients. 
  • Conduct research on special client projects in order to provide more robust and useful recommendations. 
  • Take on ad hoc projects to help with production and implementation on client accounts.

Role Roadmap

3 Months 

In your first three months, you will focus on fully onboarding into the organization, as well as supporting the research necessary to create strategic DEIB plans and roadmaps and developing client relationships. This will involve: 

  • Updating, maintaining, and refining our internal Research library 
  • Conducting research interviews and transcribing them for several consulting clients 
  • Developing and analyzing external benchmarks for assessments 
  • Analyzing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging surveys 
  • Reading, researching, and integrating practices from three foundational social identity texts
  • Drafting an official project management weekly status report and collaborating with Account Managers to send it out 
  • Meeting new clients 

6 Months

After six months at Ethos, you will manage the “assessment” phase of one or more client deliverables, including conducting all of the research behind them, synthesizing the findings, and presenting them. You will also take on the responsibility of account-managing 1-2 new clients. This will involve: 

  • Setting up, running, and leading research interviews
  • Diving into large-scale data sets across a multitude of surveys, cultural artifacts, and company documentation and providing research summaries of all that you find 
  • Conducting virtual and on-site (if applicable) ethnography days where you collect and analyze environmental and verbal signals
  • Using your research summaries to create assessment presentations so that organizations can understand their current state 
  • Contributing ideas for strategic changes and recommendations for clients based on the assessment results 
  • Participating in facilitated strategic planning sessions for clients, and translating those sessions into deliverables
  • Supporting the development and launch of ERGs/affinity groups inside of organizations 
  • Assembling project teams for 1-2 clients
  • Managing day-to-day communications for 1-2 clients 

What We’re Looking For 

  • You are called to create equity and belonging. You are drawn to Ethos because you want to create a more equitable and inclusive working world, one where power is evenly distributed and everyone can be appreciated and leveraged for all they are at work. You have extensive knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion, whether through self-taught or formal means. 
  • You are client-focused to your core. Your driving purpose at work is to make clients happy, especially by thinking up new ways to give them what they want and need before they have thought of it themselves. While you love variety and are never happier than when you are working on several different projects at once, you make every client feel like a priority. 
  • You thrive in ambiguity and startup environments. You love ordering chaos, and are genuinely excited when faced with change. Pivots energize you, and navigating uncertainty gives you a sense of purpose. You are an adventure-seeker who doesn’t like to sit still, and instead of being afraid that something is outside of your wheelhouse, you see every shift as an opportunity to learn. You prefer small teams – like, really small – and appreciate the flexibility they offer professionally. 
  • You are the Marie Kondo of the working world: You believe every problem is solvable… with a list. You are meticulous and orderly in every aspect of your work, and have the task management systems to prove it. You are obsessed with building processes and systems, and nothing brings you greater joy than seeing a project through. You’re more interested in designing the steps needed to reach an outcome than anything else at work. 
  • You are obsessed with research. A fun Friday night looks like reading Wikipedia page after Wikipedia page. You love collecting information, understanding patterns inside of it, and sharing it with others. You find yourself described as “thorough” and “information-obsessed,” but most of all, you love using the information you collect to drive outcomes. The words “research journal” don’t scare you; they excite you. 

How We Invest in You

  • Compensation: We offer competitive compensation including performance bonuses after one year. We offer $50,000 for this role. We practice open accounting at Ethos, which means all team members see salary information and understand their pay in terms of their level. 
  • Benefits: We offer Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance and cover 80% of the premium. We also offer an IRA Plan through Ethos, where we match your contributions up to a cap of 3% of your annual salary. 
  • Career Development: Ethos believes in the work we do; our employees get the best of all we have to offer for their own personal development, including quarterly facilitated team development sessions and offsites. 
  • Book Learning: At Ethos, “readers are leaders.” We cover the cost of $60 worth of books a month, whether in print, digital, or audiobook form. It doesn’t matter if the books are professional, personal, or both; the only question we’ll ask is if we should read them, too!
  • Lunch Credit: Since our Weekly Projects Meeting is scheduled during mealtimes, we offer $15 per week or $60 per month in reimbursements for lunches ordered on Mondays during our meetings. 
  • Continuing Education Stipend: After nine months with Ethos, you will receive up to a $2,000 quarterly stipend for education, whether through conferences, live or online classes, or anything else that furthers learning. 
  • Vacation Time: We encourage employees to take the time they need to bring their best selves to work, which means we offer an open vacation policy. 
  • Flexible Officing: We provide our distributed team with flexible officing solutions, meaning we support home office setup, coworking space, and travel accommodations to our Chicago headquarters. 

More About Ethos

We truly believe in people. It’s this deep-rooted belief in others that drives us. We aim to give our clients the security to pursue optimism. Our values help us achieve our vision for the future.   

  • Start with Why: We always know the “why” behind everything we do. 
  • Always Learn: We become better each day through research, practice, and study.
  • Offer Care: We guide others with empathy and compassion.
  • Build a Better Future: We approach change from a place of solidarity.

If this position sounds like the right fit for you, please contact the hiring manager: