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Our Ethos
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2022 marks the fourth year of Ethos as a company. To celebrate how much the team has grown since its beginning, we’ve been spotlighting all of the talented and hardworking individuals who make up our team! Through Our Ethos, you will discover what each team member enjoys most about working here and what their personal ethos is.

This week’s highlight is Training and Programs Manager, Karen Thomas!

Meet Karen Thomas

Describe your role at Ethos.

I am the Training and Programs Manager at Ethos, which means I manage our amazing team in producing and delivering material to our clients. Our training and programs support our clients in ensuring all their employees can thrive at work by being intentional about their structures, processes, practices, and expectations.

What made you want to start at Ethos?

Being a part of a company that educates and advocates for a change in our existing power structures, most of them being extremely inequitable and harmful to large groups of people, has been my goal for a while now. I have worked in the education system and know how hard structural change is to enact. Working with companies who have committed to rethink and rework their work environments is key to systemic changes in our future. And I am here for that!

What has been your favorite aspect of working at Ethos?

The people! Our team is full of inspiring, incredibly insightful, very intelligent, considerate, and dedicated humans. It has been an honor to learn and work alongside them all.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?

So far, presenting has been my favorite thing to do. I really enjoy guiding, learning, and connecting with people.

What do diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean to you?

In short, these words mean that my unaltered presence is seen, accepted, and appreciated. I believe that everyone should feel seen, accepted, and appreciated in all their identities. If we operate from this lens, it would be our nature to be in constant conversation about how to serve the people (and living things) we share space with.

What does the word “ethos” mean to you?

To me, Ethos is a guide or vibe that one follows. It dictates one’s decisions and movement.

What is your personal ethos? How does it show up in your everyday life?

What guides me is the principle of humanity. Humans are extraordinarily complex. I see value in moving through this complexity with grace. Being reflective, compassionate, observant, and honest are key elements that guide me in creating authentic relationships with people.

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