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2022 marks the fourth year of Ethos as a company. To celebrate how much the team has grown since its beginning, we’ve been spotlighting all of the talented and hardworking individuals who make up our team! Through Our Ethos, you will discover what each team member enjoys most about working here and what their personal ethos is.

This week’s highlight is a Consultant, Angela Calise!

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Describe your role at Ethos

At Ethos, my job is to advocate for underrepresented and underserved groups. I work as a Consultant to create the conditions for employees to thrive within their organizations. I fulfill this purpose by collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing data to design custom solutions for our clients. This data-driven approach allows the organizations I work with to reach their desired DEIB outcomes.

What made you want to start at Ethos?

The question is, “Why not Ethos?” I genuinely feel an alignment with Ethos’ mission to give the people who drive companies the tools they need to improve so their companies become better, too. Ethos’ mission parallels my life’s purpose to create equitable spaces of belonging where diverse voices are uplifted. Ethos is not only focused on providing our clients with exemplary DEIB tools, but Ethos also uses the same practices within our organization to ensure the Ethos team is thriving. I felt a great sense of belonging well before I joined the Ethos team due to Ethos’ DEIB practices during the hiring process. I knew Ethos was an extraordinary organization when it became clear that there was a deep alignment between Ethos’ mission and Ethos’ actions.

What has been your favorite aspect of working at Ethos?

When people describe me, they often say that I am a relationship builder who seeks action. I love to connect with people, so one of my favorite aspects of working with Ethos is that we are a fully integrated organization. That means I can connect with our incredible Ethos team members and clients located across the globe! I also love to see measurable outcomes reached and guide others in doing the same. My other favorite part about being a consultant at Ethos is that I work with clients to recommend strategies so that they may reach their DEIB goals. I find purpose in being a catalyst for change.

What has been your favorite project you have worked on?

I am energized by developing custom solutions across DEIB assessments and roadmaps. I recently worked on this type of project where I analyzed, interpreted, and narrativized research findings to align qualitative observations with quantitative data and develop recommendations. I feel a call to identify and share the experiences of others so that clients can strategize to build a culture of DEIB within their organization.

What do diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean to you?

I like to think of this question in a board room setting. Imagine a leadership meeting. Diversity in that meeting is how each individual at the table identifies socially and culturally. Are there people at the table with different intersecting identities present?

For the meeting to be equitable, we look at people’s access to the meeting and if their individual needs are being met. Are the people invited to attend the meeting representative of the organization, is the meeting set at a time that works for all parties required to attend, is it asynchronous, is there closed captioning and is there visual, auditory, and written information available?

When looking at inclusion, we see if everyone at the table feels welcomed and leveraged. Does everyone have the opportunity to share their thoughts, are ideas uplifted by others, are recommendations seriously considered, is power shared, do we ask people who are quiet to share their thoughts, do we seek feedback through non-verbal forms?

Belonging in that meeting means that everyone at the table feels that their voice is valued and that their organization needs their ideas to thrive. Similarly, each person at that table values their colleagues and the organization, desiring to be a part of its work in a meaningful way.

What does the word “ethos” mean to you?

An ethos is an organization, community, or individual’s ideology and mindset on how they show up in the world through their thinking and actions. It is not only their beliefs, values, and principles but also their habits and practices.

What is your personal ethos? How does it show up in your everyday life?

My ethos is an ethic of care for others. That means I feel responsible for others’ well-being, safety, and success. I think everyone should have their basic needs and more met. All individuals should feel like they belong, have a voice, and can be successful in our society. I strive to live out this life’s purpose through my work, scholarship, and personal life. As a consultant at Ethos, I can work toward closing the opportunity gap for underrepresented and underserved groups in organizations. My research agenda looks at the ethic of care of leaders in organizations, how social and cultural identities impact leaders, and the experiences of minoritized populations they employ and serve. I plan to publish more on my research agenda, and one of my goals is to write a book. In my personal life, my family and I are passionate about decreasing medical debt and supporting educational opportunities for historically marginalized students. I aim to live out my ethos in all that I do.

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