Happy Second Anniversary, Ethos!

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As Ethos turns two this week, I can’t help but reflect on the onerous implication that has for something being “terrible.” Toddlers entering their second year are prone to tantrums, forceful assertions of independence, and a continued, dire need for their parents. What was once a warm, little body sleeping in your arms, is a full-blown, tiny human hurricane storming the house as they come into closer and more intense collision with the world around them.

We can very much relate.

With the COVID-19 crisis hitting just as Ethos enters our second, full year, we also feel this collision of self with the world like never before.

Our team has had to pivot our strategies, learn how to cultivate a remote culture, take our learnings online, and use technology for marketing and communication in new and challenging ways. Similar to a toddler, there have been tears, but ours are directed at failing screens and crashing computers rather than our parents; additionally, we also very much appreciate the importance of nap and snack times.

Ethos’ entire journey to two has been full of ups and downs like this, weathering changing storms and finding balance and security as client needs, employees, and markets shift over time. Just as with a troubled toddler, we have needed support and been grateful for our friends, clients, and colleagues who have provided strength and encouragement when things have gotten intense.

These people are the reasons we get to celebrate this week – tears wiped away, screams turned to laughter, and a new, stronger sense of independence emerging. As we look at two, we are thrilled by what we’ve accomplished and those who have helped us along the way, whether it’s been through learning sessions in their organization, engagement with our blogs and posts, or simply a friendly text at the end of a long day.

As we celebrate our birthday, we include you in the party – we certainly couldn’t have made it without you.

Two can be “terrible” – there is conflict, pain, and challenge in any form of growth – but we’re grateful that Ethos has had the support to transform those troubles into something more. In fact, we’d love to say we’re entering our “triumphant” twos and are delighted you could join us for the celebration.

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