Headshot of a smiling white cisgender woman in her thirties. She has green eyes, shoulder-length dark blonde hair, and a nose ring. She is wearing a light blue sweater and standing in front of a grey brick wall.

Team Bio

Taryn Mortimer

Senior Consulting Associate



Taryn’s professional experience spans workforce development, human resources, nonprofit program management, and social science research and evaluation. Taryn is motivated to solve complex problems in the workplace, using an interdisciplinary lens to analyze and transform systems, with the goal of promoting equity, belonging, and thriving for all workers. She is a curious and skilled researcher, and her professional research interests include work-life interface, career development along the lifespan, neurodiversity in the workplace, and corporate social responsibility. Taryn approaches DEIB work with an empathetic and consultative nature, helping partners feel optimistic and well-prepared to enact positive change.

Building off an early career at local nonprofits, Taryn returned to school as an adult to earn a B.S. in Psychology at the University of Minnesota, becoming a first-generation college graduate. In addition to her professional and academic endeavors, Taryn is passionate about promoting equity, justice, and resiliency within her Minneapolis, MN community.

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