An early thirties white woman with a facial difference smiling. She has short brown hair and asymmetrical brown eyes. She is wearing a white sweater and resting her chin in her hands.

Team Bio

Ariel Henley

Senior Consulting Associate



Ariel Henley is a Senior Consulting Associate at Ethos. With a background in disability support services and DEIB, Ariel believes in the power of storytelling to promote empathy and create change.

Outside of Ethos, Ariel aims to educate, empower, and partner with individuals and companies in creating accessible environments and products so that everyone can thrive. As a freelance DEIB consultant, Ariel uses her expertise in disability rights, disfigurement, and belonging to help individual and corporate clients create more inclusive workplaces, incorporate accessible processes and materials, navigate difficult conversations, and thoughtfully meet clients on their journey by providing them with customized tools, guidance, and educational resources to better foster inclusive and diverse environments and create sustainable change.

Ariel is the author of A Face for Picasso, an award-winning memoir about growing up with Crouzon syndrome. She is passionate about writing as a form of activism, and hopes to use her story about growing up with a craniofacial condition to promote mainstream inclusion for individuals with physical differences. Her work has appeared in outlets like The New York Times, The Atlantic, Salon, and The Washington Post.

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